Lee, Dong Youb <Dynamic Equilbrium in Ontological Musing and Cycle>

Philosophy 철학 1992. 6. 22. 21:34
Dynamic Equilbrium in Ontological Musing and Cycle

Lee, Dong Youb

I hit the nail on white space of non-chromatic valence.
My white space is the good earth and the mother of being.
It is also the sea of life, of musing.
The white space is a blank for consciousness, a vacant lot for phenomena,
that is, the zone of nothingness.

Every phenomena in being has a duality of the world,
light and darkness, chaos and cosmos, fullness and void,
showing up in a pair of images impregnate with a dynamic notion of yin and yang.
This manifests the cycle and the equilibrium of the world, the essence of life.

Balancing the gravity of my body and spirit,
I strike down a stroke of the brush on white space.
I integrate myself with the world,
formulate a space of resonance and bring forth a life (the spatial physique).
I represent the link of the cycle in a phenomena that disappears
yet manifests itself at the same time while as if being absorbed into that space.

I make this attempt to break through the limit of the spirit and the action
by means of the totalistic transparency of the ontological universe.
With the mutable expression of this nailing,
I have attempted to open up a resonance structure of the world
anew in the form of contemporary art.